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What Is The Difference Between UV And Xenon Aging Tests

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What Is The Difference Between UV And Xenon Aging Tests
Latest company news about What Is The Difference Between UV And Xenon Aging Tests

Ultraviolet aging test


Ultraviolet aging test is mainly applicable to the aging test of non-metallic materials that are resistant to sunlight and artificial light. Ultraviolet aging test uses fluorescent ultraviolet lamp as light source. By simulating ultraviolet radiation and condensation in natural sunlight, accelerated weatherability test is carried out to obtain the results of weatherability of materials. It can simulate UV, rain, high temperature, high humidity, condensation, darkness and other environmental conditions in the natural climate. By reproducing these conditions, it can be combined into a cycle, and let it automatically execute the number of cycles.


KJ-2029 UV aging test chamber

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Common test criteria for ultraviolet aging testing


ASTM G154/G53   Non-metallic Materials Fluorescent UV Lamp Exposure Test Operation

ASTM D4329         Plastics - Fluorescent UV Exposure Test

ASTM D4587         Aging Test for Coatings (UV Aging)

AATCC 186           Weather resistance: UV and humidity exposure;

ISO 4892-3:2006   Laboratory light source exposure - Fluorescent ultraviolet lamps

ISO 11507             Coating exposed to fluorescent UV lamp and water;

SAE J2020            Automotive Exterior Materials UV Rapid Aging Test;

GB/T 16422.3        Ultraviolet aging test standard.



Xenon Lamp Aging Test


Xenon lamp aging test is a test that simulates full sunlight spectrum. Xenon lamp aging test is a test that simulates artificial climate reliability test well at present. Artificial climate tests that are similar to natural ones can be simulated in a short time. This test can be used in the selection of new materials, improvement of existing materials, or to evaluate the durability of the material composition of the change test. It can provide corresponding simulation testing environment and accelerate testing for scientific research, product development and quality control. It can better simulate the changes of products exposed to sunlight in different environments.


Xenon lamp aging test in the ultraviolet region and visible region spectral energy distribution is similar to the solar spectrum energy distribution, the radiation emitted by the xenon lamp through the filter, filter out the wavelength of less than 290nm ultraviolet light wave and wavelength of more than 1200nm infrared light wave, so that the spectrum reached the sample surface is close to the solar spectrum. Coatings, plastics and other organic materials exposed to natural climate conditions and light radiation after a period of time will appear the loss of light, fading, yellowing, peeling, cracking, loss of tensile strength and the whole layer off and other phenomena. Even indoor light or sunlight through window glass can cause damage to substances such as pigments or dyes. As a result for outdoor use of paint, such as building coatings and automotive coatings, weatherability and light resistance is more important detection items.


Xenon lamp aging test products are suitable for plastics, food cosmetics, textiles, auto parts, packaging materials, building materials, rubber, paint, coatings, ink, paper, electronic and electrical products, etc.


latest company news about What Is The Difference Between UV And Xenon Aging Tests  1

Xenon Lamp Aging Test Standard

GB/T16422.2-1999   "Plastics - Laboratory light source exposure test methods - Part 2: Xenon arc lamps"

GB/T1865-2009        "Weather-induced aging of paints and varnishes and xenon arc radiation exposed by artificial radiation exposure"

GJB150.7-2009        "Military laboratory environmental test methods - Part 7: Solar radiation test"

GB/T5170.9-1996     "Electrical and electronic products environmental test equipment basic parameters calibration method of xenon lamp aging test xenon lamp aging test box test standard method of solar radiation test equipment"

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