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Universal Testing Machine Maintenance

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Universal Testing Machine Maintenance
Latest company news about Universal Testing Machine Maintenance

Universal Testing Machine Maintenance


latest company news about Universal Testing Machine Maintenance  0


      All integrated components of the universal material tensile testing machine are connected by plug connection. The full name of the function and function is controlled by the computer and displays the whole process and curve of the test, and the computer automatically transmits the test settings and test data.

      Users can modify the test report according to their own requirements, and output the standard report. Through the superposition analysis of the group test curves, the quality control parameters of the tensile machine can be accurately grasped. , Load driver, computer and color inkjet printer.


 Daily and Weekly Maintenance Needs:


      The first is daily maintenance. After each day or each test is completed, we need to do:


1、Before the test, wipe the instrument, lubricate the screw part according to the regulations, and carefully check the flexibility of the running part, the reliability of all devices, and whether the transmission at low speed is normal.


2、During the test, pay attention to listening to the running sound, whether there is any noise, and at the same time observe the temperature, electrical, instrument, pressure and other signals of the instrument, and whether the safety insurance is normal.


3、After the test is completed and the power is turned off, all the used parts should be placed in their original positions, and the iron filings remaining during the test should be removed, the oil stains on the guide rails and sliding surfaces of the material tensile testing machine should be wiped, and oil should be added. Clean the work area and organize accessories and other tools.


      Weekly maintenance should be done weekly or monthly:


1、Maintain the appearance of the testing machine, wipe the guide rails and transmission parts of the instrument, clean up the workplace, keep the inside and outside clean and free of rust, and keep the surrounding environment clean and tidy.


2、Check the parts condition of each part of the material tensile testing machine, and adjust the fitting clearance due to the loose parts. Check the safety device to ensure that the transmission sound is normal and no noise.


3、Wipe the surface of the motor and power line, check whether it is insulated and grounded, so that it is complete, safe and reliable.


4、During holidays, the power supply can be cut off and covered with a dust cover to prevent dust from entering the interior of the testing machine.


The above is the maintenance teaching material of the universal tensile testing machine brought by KEJIAN Instruments. I hope it can be helpful to you.


If you have some suggestions or questions, please contact us.


latest company news about Universal Testing Machine Maintenance  1

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