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The Knowledge About Tensile Test Machine

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The Knowledge About Tensile Test Machine
Latest company news about The Knowledge About Tensile Test Machine

Product description:


Universal material tensile testing machine is suitable for testing and analyzing the static mechanical properties of metals (including composite materials), rubber plastics, and adhesive materials such as tension, compression, bending, shear, peeling, tearing, load retention, etc., with stress , Strain, and displacement three closed-loop control methods, the maximum force, tensile strength, peel strength, bending strength, compressive strength, elastic modulus, elongation at break, yield strength and other parameters can be calculated. And according to GB, ISO, JIS, ASTM, DIN and other international standards to test and provide testing data. The computer-controlled windows operating system is used to dynamically display the test data curve, which can automatically obtain the maximum force, maximum deformation, bending stress, bending strength, compressive strength, compression force, yield HRb, elastic modulus, elongation and other parameters (according to users What kind of tests are required to be equipped with corresponding fixtures). The test curve and data results can be dynamically displayed on the computer and set arbitrarily, making the curve operation easier and easier. Curve editing, superimposing, separating, zooming, printing and other full electronic display monitoring can be performed anytime and anywhere.


Appearance characteristics:


The appearance of the tensile machine is made of aluminum alloy, which has strong aging resistance and does not fade.


The main function:


1. Simultaneous measurement and display of force value, large deformation, small deformation and displacement.

2. The test speed is arbitrarily set. (From 0.001-500mm/min, stepless speed regulation)

3. The test curve is displayed in real time, and the abscissa and ordinate are automatically shifted.

4. It can be set to automatically judge whether it is cracked or not and automatically return to the starting point or not. It can be set to stop at a fixed time, stop at a constant load, stop at a constant deformation, and set fracture discrimination conditions.

5. You can arbitrarily delete the data of a certain sample that has been done.

6. The curve can be scaled and printed arbitrarily, and parameter points (yield point, elastic section, etc.) can be selected on the curve.

7. The parameter calculation adopts VB+SQL language, which is reliable and convenient.

8. Parameter processing can be performed according to user needs (customized test method and convenient expansion of test processing method).

9. According to user requirements, the maximum strength, elastic modulus (E), constant compression strength, constant load elongation, yield strength, etc. of non-metallic materials can be obtained. The yield strength, non-proportional strength, total compressive strength, compressive (tensile) strength, elongation, etc. of metal materials.


Operating procedures and precautions for tensile testing machine:


1. Connect the main switch to the power supply, turn on the power switch of the testing machine, check whether all parts

of the machine are running normally, and prepare for the test.

2. Before the test, the load of the test should be estimated, and the appropriate sensor should be selected.

3. Clamp one end of the sample to the upper clamp, adjust the distance between the machine clamps, adjust the lower jaw, and clamp the lower end of the test piece. Care must be taken to make the sample plumb and in the middle position.

4. According to the loading speed required by the test, load is carried out by adjusting the rotation speed of the loading speed indicating plate, and making the rotation speed of the loading pointer consistent with the rotation speed of the indicating plate. Loading speed: before yielding-stress increase rate 10MPa/s after yielding-the moving speed of the movable chuck of the testing machine under load is not more than 0.5L/min.

5. After the sample is broken, turn off and stop the motor

6. Remove the broken sample, measure the elongation value, and record it carefully as a basis for calculation.

7. After that, cut off the power supply and wipe and clean the equipment.

8. Tests such as compression and bending can refer to the above items.

9. After completing the above regulations, the operation of the tensile testing machine is basically learned, but the tensile testing machine is a precision instrument, and the maintenance must be carried out for a long time.



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