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Multi Function Humidity Chamber High Low Temperature Test Chamber Benchtop Environmental Test Chamber

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Multi Function Humidity Chamber High Low Temperature Test Chamber Benchtop Environmental Test Chamber

Multi Function Humidity Chamber High Low Temperature Test Chamber Benchtop Environmental Test Chamber
Multi Function Humidity Chamber High Low Temperature Test Chamber Benchtop Environmental Test Chamber Multi Function Humidity Chamber High Low Temperature Test Chamber Benchtop Environmental Test Chamber Multi Function Humidity Chamber High Low Temperature Test Chamber Benchtop Environmental Test Chamber

Large Image :  Multi Function Humidity Chamber High Low Temperature Test Chamber Benchtop Environmental Test Chamber

Product Details:
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: KeJian
Certification: ISO,CE and etc.
Model Number: KJ-2091
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 set
Price: Negotiate
Packaging Details: Each set protected with resin fiber and PP film, then put into professional export Strong plywood case
Delivery Time: In stock,3-7 working days after order confirmed
Payment Terms: L/C,D/A,D/P,T/T,Western Union,MoneyGram,In cash, escrow
Supply Ability: 200 sets per month
Detailed Product Description
Usage Strength: Test Chamber Warranty: 12 Months
Aplication: Temperature Humidity Data Storage: PV Actual Value
High Light:

constant temperature and humidity machine


temperature humidity controlled cabinets

Multi Function Humidity Chamber High Low Temperature Test Chamber Benchtop Environmental Test Chamber



Model number

Programmable humidity and temperature Chamber


  • Applied instructions
2.1 Scope of application This equipment is applicable to the environmental simulation and reliability tests of high and low temperature constant and gradient, hot and heat test and other products, parts and materials.
  • Volume and size
3.1 Effective volume 150L 225L 408L 800L
3.2 Internal box dimensions 50×60×50cm 40×75×60cm 60×85×80cm 100×100×80cm
3.3 Test box dimensions of outer box 102×146×116cm 102×162×126cm 113×172×148cm 156×186× 140cm
  • Performance
  • Conditions
Referring to when the air-cooled ambient temperature is + 25℃ and water-cooled water temperature is + 27℃, with no test load (partial parameters according to notes)
  • Temperature / humidity range
-40℃ to + 150℃ / 20% (limited temperature section, see area diagram) to 98%RH
  • Temperature fluctuation degree
  • Temperature / humidity deviation
≤±2℃ / ≤±3%RH
  • Temperature uniformity
  • Heat-up time
Average non linear ≥ 3℃ / min empty load
  • Cool down the time
Average non linear ≥ 1℃ / min empty load
  • Lift and temperature is overcharged
  • The inner box prevents condensation
Special sheet metal structure and dew protection device are used on the top of the box to prevent short circuit during electrical parts testing
  • Noise


Noise ≤ 70dB (measured by the noise measuring device at 1m from the equipment gate).

Noise reduction scheme:

1. main noise sources such as compressor with vibration reduction spring and damping pad can reduce noise, reduce equipment damage factors due to vibration, and extend the service life of equipment. The frozen pipe is fixed by a clamp to effectively reduce vibration

The internal wall of 2. refrigeration unit combined with high quality absorbing cotton can effectively reduce the noise effect of refrigeration unit.

Add vibration absorber hose outside of connecting the 3. compressor and the pipe.


4.11. Meet the test standards


GB/T2423.1-2008 test A: low temperature (part)

GB/T2423.2-2008 test B: high temperature (part) *

The GB/T2423.3-2008 test of Cab: is constant, hot and humid

The GB/T2423.4-2006 test of Db: became hot and humid

GB/T2423.34-2005 test Z/AD: temperature and wet combination

GB /T2424.2—2005 Hot and heat test guidelines

GB /T2423.22—2002 test N: temperature change.

GJB 150.3-2009 high-temperature test

GJB 150.4-2009 low-temperature test

GJB 150.9-2009 hot & heat test

GB/T 5170.2-2017

GB/T 5170.5-2008

GB/T 2423.50-2012


  • Structure and materials
  • Outer box
Matte stainless steel plate, 1.5mm thick  
  • Inner box
Thickness of SUS#304 stainless steel plate thickness 1.2mm, corrosion resistance, all joints TIG are welded continuously to ensure no leakage after long-term test. The bottom plate is strengthened with the overall explosion-proof function








  • Thermal insulation layer
Thickness of 150mm hard polyurethane foam and glass cotton, flame and fire resistance, meet the environmental protection requirements  
  • Box door
Left single door is open in type  
  • Observation window
Single door is attached with heat and anti-sweat vacuum large glass observation window, during any test, the surface without frost and condensation phenomenon observation window.  
  • Test rack
With 2 layer height adjustable test shelf of joist type bearing over 30KG  
  • Sealing it
Original imported silicone sealing strip  
  • Test hole
A 100mm diameter round hole with cover and soft plug is left on the left side of the equipment.  
  • Pressure balance port
Common 1 / 2-inch drainage type  
  • Lamp
The 1 group of energy-saving lamps is attached to the observation window  
  • Move and fixing
Equipment shall install four universal casters and fixed casters to facilitate the movement and fixation of equipment  
  • Cooling mode
The equipment is air-cooled  
  • Air supply and temperature measuring system
6.1 Air supply characteristics High uniformity upper wind outlet lower wind return






6.2 Cycle motor Taiwan Shangyu low-pressure asynchronous motor  
6.3 Wind wheel Multi-wing centrifugal circulating fan, resistant high and low temperature aluminum alloy blades  
6.4 Sensor PT100 platinum resistance sensor  
  • Freezing system
7.1 Refrigeration mode Multiacked mechanical vapor compression  
7.2 Compressor 1, One 6P French Taikang compressor, single-stage refrigeration, to ensure the easy temperature drop to-40℃  
7.3 Refrigerant DuPont non-o HFC R404A/R23  
7.4 Condenser Custom air-cooled, energy-saving condenser  
7.5 The Heat Exchanger Swedish Shrep-efficient ST board heat exchanger  
7.6 The Evaporator Custom efficient multisegment with hydrophilic fin evaporator (fin thickening)  
7.7 Oil separator Emerson  
7.8 Expansion valve Denver thermal expansion valve  
7.9 Solenoid valve Heron Palace and Denvers, Japan  
7.10 Visual mirror Denvers  
7.11 Evaporation pressure regulating valve Denver vaporation pressure regulating valve (guarantee low temperature and high humidity conditions for long time)  
7.12 Other accessories All are international brand quality products (right: dry filter)  
7.13 Dehumidification Frozen and dehumidification by refrigeration system (air in the box passes below the dew point temperature evaporator, water separation)  
7.14 System characteristics

The flow of the refrigeration system is automatically switched under different working conditions, and the excess system is cut off for energy-saving operation

  • Cooling control: multi-stage evaporator combination can obtain more uniform and efficient cooling exchange efficiency and refrigeration output; flow control is automatically adjusted by their matching electronic expansion valves;

The 2) control system automatically adjusts the optimal energy saving condition of refrigerant operation according to test conditions; condensate pressure regulating valve (cooling water flow regulating device), evaporative pressure regulating valve (prevent evaporator freezing), and compressor return cooling circuit. The controller digital displays the high, low pressure, exhaust temperature and operating current of the compressor of the refrigeration system

3) Refrigeration process: the protection measures for the compressor are fully considered in the design of the refrigeration system, such as the automatic compressor suction and exhaust pressure protection function, which keeps the compressor to maintain the operating temperature within the normal temperature range, to avoid the compressor too cold or overheating, so as to prolong the service life of the compressor. High-quality anaerobic copper pipe gas protection welding method is adopted, which avoids the damage of oxides on the inner wall of the copper pipe to the refrigeration system and the compressor. In the design of the refrigeration system, the vibration reduction measures of the unit operation, such as the compressor installing spring shock absorber, and adopting the way of increasing arc bending on the refrigeration pipeline to avoid pipeline deformation and leakage caused by operation vibration and temperature changes, thus improving the reliability of the whole refrigeration system.

Other energy saving measures: the following effective energy regulation measures are adopted, such as refrigeration volume regulation, gas-liquid bypass regulation, evaporation temperature regulation, etc. At any low temperature point, the operation power can be reduced to half, reducing the operation cost and failure rate of the cooling system to a relatively economic state.

5) compressor air return temperature regulation: automatically adjust the air return temperature of the compressor to keep the compressor temperature within the normal range and avoid over-cold and overheating of the compressor.

6) vibration reduction measures: 1. Compressor: spring vibration damping.2. Refrigeration system: special rubber pad overall secondary vibration damping; the refrigeration system pipeline adds R and elbow to avoid the variation of the copper pipe caused by vibration and temperature changes, thus causing the rupture of the refrigeration system pipeline.

7) noise reduction: refrigeration cabinet: wavy special acoustic sponge.

  • Heating and humidification system
  • Heater
High quality nickel-chrome and gold wire heater  
  • Humet-up pipe

1) water basin heating and humidification method

2) stainless steel armoured heater

3) heater control mode: contactless and equivalent periodic pulse broadening, SSR(solid-state relay)

4) water level control, heater dry retardant

8.4. Control mode High precision contact switch control through the SSR solid-state relay  
  • Controller and control circuits-Taiwan original TT-5166
  • Control mode
High precision resistance touch screen, can be controlled with USB external mouse;  
  • Display
The 7 " TFT true color LCD Chinese and English switch display. (Resolution: pixel: 800 * 480, temperature ≤ 1℃, time ≤ 1min)
  • Entry force
2 Groups of input, support dry and wet ball PT100 and humidity transmitter, thermocouple T,K,E, etc
  • Resolution
0.1S high-precision sampling
  • System capacity
120 group program * 1000 segment (1000 cycles respectively), the number of segments required per group can be arbitrarily divided, each group program and can freely connect to each other (up to 20 steps)
  • Operation mode
Fixed value (slope) / program operation mode. Change curve meets the standard requirements
  • Outmode
The PID + SSR/SCR automatically produces a positive and reverse bidirectional synchronous output.
  • Software running function

1. Temperature and humidity curve:
Paper record: built-in recorder with controller memory of 24H for 300 days.

It can facilitate the automatic generation of temperature and wet curve files and transfer into XLS table;

2. complete interface:
External USB port: can directly connect the printer, realize local data printing by line,

Easy export of historical curves from a U disk from the USB port.

External LAN standard network interface: no special need to configure the server, you can access the company computer LAN network, one can connect and monitor up to 16 devices, which is convenient and fast. With RS-485 communication interface, provide communication protocol and testing software, and support the windowsXP and above system with the preservation and printing function of curve and experimental data..

3. real-time monitoring can be achieved: simultaneously monitor the operation status of 1~16 controllers- - - -such as real-time data of the monitoring controller, signal point status, actual output status, etc

Support for a remote (extranet) fault diagnosis:

Through the network, technicians can leave the port, open the IE browser, enter the IP address of the controller, and enter the login interface to select the operation or monitor for diagnosis

4. timing control

Two sets of timing output control interfaces, combined with 10 time control modes, can provide the switch signal output according to the program. Note that only the control signal, the test power supply in the box should be separately connected with a specially equipped power supply system.

The 5. fault is displayed

16 Failure alarm output, humanized fault cause and troubleshooting method in Chinese and English

The 6. appointment starts

All test conditions are available.

  • Controller protection function

Overtemperature protection of 1. test products (independent)

The 2. comes with a fuse-free protection switch

3. heater overtemperature protection switch

4. compressor overload overheating

High and low pressure protection for the 5. compressor

6. system overload over-current protection device, electric leakage protection

7. water shortage protection function

The 8. controller automatically identifies the fault and displays it (fault alarm and cause, processing prompt)

9. temperature warning and upper and lower temperature overtemperature

The 10. downtime protection function.

11. Calendar timing function (automatic start and automatic stop operation)

12. POST function

The 13. three-tier password protection controller settings parameters

9.10. Control circuit
Main components
The main parts of the control line are high quality brands (right picture: Fuji electromagnetic switch)



  • Other hardware protection features

1. studio overtemperature protection, fan overheat protection

2. compressor overpressure

The 3. compressor is overcurrent

The 4. compressor overheated

5. condensing fan overheating

6. exhaust temperature protection

The 7. power supply system

8. power supply phase deficiency, phase order error, underpressure protection, heater short circuit and other overcurrent protection

9. water supply / drainage abnormal protection

10. humidification pipe overheating protection

Earthing protection of the 11. test box housing

The 12. comes with a fuse-free protection switch

The 13. phase power supply is under the reverse phase protector

The 14. emergency stop switch

15. power-off protection function



  • Other components
11.1 Standard standard

1.304 Stainless steel test frame type 2, adjustable and free 304 stainless steel put aside 8 (4 on each layer)
2. plastic pull 20L water tank one

3. diameter 50mm test hole, soft plug, 304 stainless steel hole cover 1 set
4. Operating Manual Maintenance Manual
5. provides a qualified calibration report from a third-party calibration agency.

One set of 6. installation and user manual

7. Equipment Maintenance Manual 1 set

8. 1 set of equipment fault handling manual

One set of electrical and gas circuit wiring diagram of 9. equipment

10. equipment List 1

The 11. software system provides 1 disc backup

12. Certificate of Compliance

  • Use conditions

1. ambient temperature: 5℃ -35℃;

2. relative humidity: ≤ 85%RH;

3. atmospheric pressure: 80kPa~106kPa

No strong vibration around the 4.

5. power supply voltage:

5.1 Connect power supply 380V AC(± 10%), three-phase + protection ground wire, grounding resistance ≤ 4 Ω; use 3P + N 40A air switch

5.2 Nominal maximum power: approx 15 KW

6. frequency: 50±0.5Hz

Water for 7. humidification; resistivity of ≥ 500MΩ;á

  • After-sales service


The production and management of 1. Company operate in strict accordance with the ISO9001:2000 quality assurance system. Free training of operators and maintenance personnel for customers (located in the Company or customer location).

2. complete machine warranty period: one year. The maintenance once a quarter, a total of 4 times (the province in the factory regular maintenance, outside the province according to consultation), lifelong maintenance.

3.'s complete repair service team, providing the most prompt and professional repair services (repair 2HR reply, 24HR to the plant, problem exclusion)



  • Equipment execution and acceptance standards


The 1. is designed and manufactured according to the national standard of GB/T10586-2006 and GB/T10592-1989.* Verification standards are according to GB/T5170.2-2008,GB/T5170.5-2008.



Tips: Temperature uniformity of GB/T5170.5-2008. refers to no-load condition; humidity uniformity also refers to no-load condition!


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