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Good quality Peel Adhesion Test Equipment for sales
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DC12V/AC24V Electromagnetic Servo Valve Control Battery Testing Machine 12v 12ah

China DC12V/AC24V Electromagnetic Servo Valve Control Battery Testing Machine 12v 12ah supplier
DC12V/AC24V Electromagnetic Servo Valve Control Battery Testing Machine 12v 12ah supplier DC12V/AC24V Electromagnetic Servo Valve Control Battery Testing Machine 12v 12ah supplier DC12V/AC24V Electromagnetic Servo Valve Control Battery Testing Machine 12v 12ah supplier

Large Image :  DC12V/AC24V Electromagnetic Servo Valve Control Battery Testing Machine 12v 12ah

Product Details:

Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: KEJIAN
Certification: ISO,CE and etc.
Model Number: KJX-303

Payment & Shipping Terms:

Minimum Order Quantity: 1 set
Price: Negotiate
Packaging Details: Each set protected with resin fiber and PP film, then put into professional export Strong plywood case
Delivery Time: In stock,3-7 working days after order confirmed
Payment Terms: L/C,D/A,D/P,T/T,Western Union,MoneyGram,In cash, escrow
Supply Ability: 200 sets per month
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Detailed Product Description
Application: Car Warranty: 12 Months
Pressure Control: Electromagnetic Servo Valve Control Oil Pressure Range: 1300mm
Standard: QC/T 743-2006,QC/T 744-2006,GB/T 31467.3-2015,GB/T 31485-2015,GB Power Requirement: Standard Configuration: DC12V/AC24V
Weight: 0.56kg Brightness Control: Switch Adjustment

DC12V/AC24V Electromagnetic Servo Valve Control Battery Testing Machine 12v 12ah

Product Description


 Purpose and instructions:

Power battery extrusion machine is used to simulate all kinds of power lithium battery in the transport, storage and use process, the battery squeezed, artificial rendering battery under strong external forces that may occur during different conditions.

The device in the event of battery fire or explosion during the experiments should be able to ensure the personal safety and absolutely no test environment. Extrusion experiment, the battery should be no explosion, not party for qualified fire.



QC/T 743-2006,QC/T 744-2006,GB/T  31467.3-2015,GB/T  31485-2015,GB 31241-2014,GB/T 18287 -2013,GB/T 8897.4-2008,YD/T 2344.1-2011,GB/T 21966-2008,MT/T 1051-2007,YD 1268-2003,GB/T 19521.11-2005,YDB 032-2009,UL 1642:2012,UL 2054: 2012,UN38.3(2012),IEC62133-2012,IEC 62281: 2004,IEC 60086: 2007 etc.


Equipment structure features:

6.1  Equipment safety explosion-proof function, convenient performance and environmental protection performance.

6.1.1.The test part of the whole machine should be placed in the independent test compartment, the solid wall around the compartment, the compartment door is the explosion-proof door, the front and rear of the partition should have 2-3 meters of open space. The controller is separated from the test section to achieve the purpose of safety testing. 

6.1.2 .Test type: Three beam four column four horizontal nut mechanism. This structure has significant advantages:Three beams are height 45#steel casting, with sufficient strength and stiffness. The surface of the column chromium plating enhances the wear resistance, the work space is spacious, compact structure, sensitive action, fast, low energy consumption, low noise.

6.1.3 .Maximum extrusion pressure: 500kN.

6.1.4 .Operating system: Manual and automatic (PC operation) two modes of operation. The main equipment separation and control, remote control, personnel away from the test area, the maximum protection test personnel safety;

6.1.5. The structure of the test machine is divided into inner box, the middle layer, outward box: inner box material: Advanced stainless steel plate(SUS#304, Thickness : 3.0mm). The whole week stainless steel welding, and the inner box all affixed with high temperature and flame retardant properties of Teflon tape. In the inner box to protect the test at the same time, easy to test after cleaning, easy to replace Teflon tape;

Outward box material: Cold-rolled steel paint(thickness: 3.0mm), the interlayer insulation cushion. When the air pressure inside the box is too large, it can effectively alleviate the impact of pressure on the external box. At the same time, when the body is burned by the test sample is too high temperature can effectively interrupt the transmission of temperature, to protect the safety of the testers.

6.1.6. Explosion proof door is installed on the back of the box body. When the air pressure is too large(About 30kgf), Explosion proof door will open, can achieve the function of effective pressure relief. Explosion door for easy opening, good sealing interface, easy operation, explosion-proof door two meters of open space, no sundries;

6.1.7.Front door: Single door, left open. The front door is equipped with a safety power-off induction switch. When the door is opened, the control part of the equipment can not be started and can not be operated. Only when the door is closed, the control program can be started to carry out the follow-up operation, play a real role in the protection.

6.1.8.Observation window: Window size is 400*400mm, double layer vacuum toughened glass. Inside and outside the glass with explosion-proof film, toughened glass thickness 10mm. Double glazing is added between the square anti projection net, the protection at the same time can be observed within the test case.

6.1.9.Test port: It is located at the back of the box, which is convenient for external voltage and temperature acquisition.

6.1.10.Extrusion fixture: Profiled plate, according to the require of GB/T 31467.3-2015 andQC/T 743-2006. Each set of extrusion fixture.

6.1.11.Extrusion plate form: according to the require of GB/T 31467.3-2015. The radius of the cylinder is 75mm, the length of the half cylinder is greater than the height of the test object, the length is 1 meters. According to QC/T 743-2006, the typical radius of extrusion head for half cylinder spacing 75mm, extrusion head is 30mm, the extrusion plate dimensions 300*150mm, monomer and module of each one.

6.1.12.Extrusion direction: X axis and Y axis direction (vehicle driving direction for the X axis, the other vertical direction of travel in the horizontal direction of the Y axis.

6.1.13.Three claw chuck: Automatic positioning device, using uniform radial moving three activities on the chuck body claw, the workpiece clamping and positioning machine tool accessories. The utility model has the advantages that the center can be quickly identified, and the clamping is convenient and reliable.

6.1.14.Lifting test stand: The test bench for placing the battery is electrically adjustable, with a height of 0~400mm and a maximum load of 400kg.

6.1.15.Battery lifting device: Hoist hoist type, suitable for large module installation and movement, the maximum lifting weight of 500kg.

6.1.16.Lighting design: The top of the test box is equipped with a LED explosion-proof lamp, dustproof, explosion-proof, fire protection, explosion-proof lamp shell is easy to replace.

6.1.17.The compression test machine has a "stop" button, which is convenient for emergency treatment in critical situation. The emergency stop button is used to stop all the actions of the press test machine under the critical condition to prevent the harm. 

6.1.18.Equipment strength support section: The bottom of the device is provided with a fixed universal roller and an adjustable supporting foot for a fixed position; 


6.1.19.Monitoring system: The test box with America Kamushi camera cb-350sdft8 observing and recording. The camera can clear the image data as part of the test report, video data can be saved. 



12v 12ah Electromagnetic Servo Valve Control Power Battery Extrusion Test Machine


12v 12ah Electromagnetic Servo Valve Control Power Battery Extrusion Test Machine


Imaging device: 1/3″ SONY EFFIO, high definition CCD

Effective pixels: PAL: 976(H) x 582(V)  NTSC:976(H) x 494(V)

Lens Mount: CS installation

Signal system: PAL Color standard (NTSC color system)

Horizontal resolution color: 700 wire, black and white 780 wire

Minimal illumination: Color minimum illumination 0.1Lux(F1.2,50IRE,AGC ON)

Black and white minimum illumination: 0.001Lux(F1.2,50IRE,AGC ON)

Day/Night: Color / Black / white automatic switching

Noise-signal ratio: >50dB(AGC OFF)

Video out: 1Vp-p,75Ω,negative synchronization

Shutter speed: PAL: 1/50~1/100,000 second;NTSC: 1/60~1/100,000s, can be adjustable

Synchronous system: Power synchronization / internal synchronization

Automatic gain: Dial switch

Iris diaphragm: Automatic aperture /DC aperture / video aperture

Backlight compensation: Code switch setting

Automatic white balance: Manual / automatic / automatic tracking

Brightness control: Switch adjustment

GAMMA Gamma correction: Automatic

Dedicated function: Curb / brightness adjustment / high speed electronic shutter adjustment

Connect: BNC mode connection

Power requirement: Standard configuration: DC12V/AC24V

Power dissipation: 2.5W

Working temperature: -10℃~+50℃

Working humidity: 20~80%

Storage temperature: -40℃~+60℃

Storage temperature: 20~95%

Weight: 0.56kg(Including packaging)

Dimensions (L * w * h): 138x68x56mm


Exhaust smoke and fire extinguishing system: 

6.2.1  Equipped with exhaust fan at the back of the box, a diameter of 300 mm, and exhaust guide, can external suction fan. Have air inlet box on the left side of the open at the same time, at the end of the test can open the air inlet, the casing gas discharge quickly. In the test, need to first open an external suction fan..

6.2.2  The smoke alarm and fire extinguishing system design: Explosion-proof grade ExsdIIBT4, equipment with automatic convulsions smoke sensors. For battery possible burst into flames phenomena, the first in a smoke alarm in the test area. When test sample produce smoke, the smoke alarm is able to automatically detect, the device itself fan start automatically (can also be at the beginning of the test a will start fan). At the same time to remind the tester manual open external suction fan, smoke through the exhaust pipe test outside. 


Device equipped with rear each equipped with a fire extinguisher, such as battery to be tested on fire, can operate on integrated control panel to fire extinguishing equipment.


Hydraulic system:

6.3.1.Hydraulic system: Variable pump oil supply system, hydraulic cylinder volume is big, guarantee the fast charging, reducing the time of hydraulic pressure, and increase the cooling area, in addition to the low temperature of hydraulic oil quickly.

6.3.2.Oil pressure trip: 1300mm.

6.3.3.The extrusion speed: 0~20mm/s, Running speed can be adjusted through the servo valve.

6.3.4.Maximum extrusion: 500Kn, Extrusion can be adjusted through the servo valve.

6.3.5   The hydraulic servo system: System by the servo controller, hydraulic protection module, servo cylinder, change of apparatus and so on, the servo valve is installed directly on the hydraulic protection module. The control principle as shown in the figure below:

12v 12ah Electromagnetic Servo Valve Control Power Battery Extrusion Test Machine

6.3.6  The fuel tank material: Is made of stainless steel plate, can effectively prevent corrosion in use for a long time, the heat dissipation ability.


Extrusion control and executive control system function and features:

8.1. Test software with functions of automatic voltage acquisition at the same time, according to the monomer accumulator test requirements, until the battery shell burst or battery internal short circuit (internal battery voltage to 0 v). Automatic data collection during the test that the battery voltage change in the testing process, when the voltage is zero, equipment automatically stop testing; 

8.2. In accordance with the requirements of power battery test, the test system can realize extrusion first battery module size to 30% (that is, the deformation ratio). Or set a pressure value (such as extrusion monomers is 200 kn, nearly 1000 the weight of the battery module for or larger values) in 200 ~ 500 kn. When extrusion test after reaching pressure value, can be set pressure duration (after 1 ~ 9999 s) to stop testing, is the holding pressure test mode or to stop testing immediately.

8.3. Can be realized or through the built-in high precision encoders, can be set up freely in testing software programming multi-step, multi-stage extrusion test requirements. In setting a stroke control variable trial, after the compression test, extrusion plate at the end of the test condition is not moving, avoid battery expansion cause extrusion head back to move. At the same time can also be set at the end of the extrusion, extrusion plate back to the original position, two ways to choose from.

8.4. Can integrated the above all kinds of test requirements.

a. Variables can be realized according to the pressure, stroke (shape can be a value can also be a percentage), the 

voltage of the three conditions in any individual test;

b. Also can realize the three test mode test any combination conditions as control variable. Simultaneous set three or two test conditions, any condition is met, set the stop test. In accordance with the latest home and abroad about single cell or module all extrusion test requirements.

8.5. Test system can test speed at the same time, and can be installed in the computer software test need test speed, unit: mm/min. 

8.6. Set in the dialog Windows processing, operation can own planning mode. Will offer save, record test data, comparing complete planning and tracking.

8.7. Extrusion is special test the main control board, can record contains power at the same time, the displacement (travel), voltage, can be directly to monitor the battery voltage, and issue instructions to the device. And can in the computer control interface for extrusion, pressure, battery temperature, test speed, test deformation curve of numerical and real time recording and monitoring. Convenient data generate reports or direct export, the interface, easy to operate.

8.8. Test voltage acquisition and control system: In the testing process can be realized through the acquisition of voltage to control the extrusion test function. Voltage change, in the process of battery test in the test system set a specified voltage input, the system output signal, the set voltage extrusion test stop is reached.

8.9. Test conditions control: Be able to set pressure, the deformation (can be a value can also be a percentage), rated voltage test. Can prepare the pressure at the same time, the deformation and voltage phase control program and keep more, can keep the time for each test process within 0 ~ 9999 s. In one experiment can multi-step test program continuously.

8.10. Test conditions to terminate: Software can realize the test conditions to terminate, also can realize the end back to the initial state, the extrusion board termination conditions can be combined by any single termination conditions or any termination conditions custom Settings: Such as pressure, battery, the size of the pressure holding time, the deformation, some conditions of time test, etc.

8.11. Other display test options: Including the test speed, deformation, stress peak value display and so on. 

8.12. All the test method of the test method is stored as a separate file, the user can easily add and modify, and sharing between different instruments. All test data display name can be custom changes, and save files in their respective test method, so as to adapt to the needs of different customers. 

8.13. Test control step editable, have logical size value jump, jump regularly, loop jump, and other functions. 

8.14. Test project results (table) are free to edit, user can add, delete, modify the test program, with a custom format, display control in the form. 

8.15. Curve can be set up, the number of curve of X axis and Y axis is free to match, up to seven types of curves.


8.16. Has the test reset, reset options, the pretightening convenient to meet the needs of different industries of different test requirements. Report fully USES the WORD report template, the form image program will automatically apply the format of the template to replace, the format is more freedom, the test interface simple and clear. 


Squeeze test software main interface (as shown in the figure below) :

9.1. Four areas (curve regional, real-time acquisition data area, control panel and test data area) be clear at a glance. This system will force, deformation (displacement), voltage summary shown in a test interface;

9.2. The data area can be hidden;

9.3. Set in testing, curve and print store;

9.4. Test set include: Sample information, control scheme, test criterion such as common information;

9.5. Move fast speed on the test board can be set if there is a requirement for speed (for testing);

9.6. Can use the shortcut key to control the machine movement;

9.7. Data in the database can be artificial selective deletion;

9.8. Automatic calculation of data in the database statistics, each column a maximum, minimum, average, standard deviation, coefficient of variation, etc;



12v 12ah Electromagnetic Servo Valve Control Power Battery Extrusion Test Machine



Drive mode Hydraulic system driver
Pressure control Electromagnetic servo valve control
Maximum extrusion pressure 500kN (50 tons)
Maximum test battery size 1300×1300×500mm(W×D×H), For a variety of dynamic monomer battery and battery test module
Oil pressure range 1300mm
Extrusion speed 0~20mm/s, Squeeze the commonly used for speed is (5±1) mm/s
Strength shows High precision pressure sensor and through the computer screen display
Sensor resolution 1/100,000
Extrusion display precision ±0.1%, Accuracy: ±1%
Unit conversion kgf ,lbf ,N, kN
Stroke Resolution 0.01 mm
Displacement control accuracy ±1%
The voltage display precision ±0.2%FSR
Data Sampling Frequency 100 Times/SEC
Pressure holding time 0~9999s Can be set freely
Signal transmission way A serial port RS 232 serial port or USB2.0 high-speed transmission
Direction of extrusion The x axis and y axis (the car is in the x axis, another perpendicular to the horizontal direction of the moving direction of the y axis)
Extrusion plate configuration details

a. Monomer battery extrusion head: Radius of 75 mm half cylinder, and half the length of the cylinder (L) is greater than the height of the squeezed the battery;

b. Module battery extrusion board: Radius of 75 mm half cylinder, and half the length of the cylinder is greater than the squeezed the dimensions of the battery, but not more than 1 m;

c. Extrusion plate number: Extrusion of a set of monomer battery, battery module extrusion a;

d. Extrusion material for high winding plating steel hardness, surface labeled with fire resistant teflon tape; The following tablet reserved grooves, convenient leaked electrolyte outflow;

Level of extrusion (customizable)

a. Monomer battery extrusion to 0 v voltage or deformation reached 30% after reaching 200 kn stop pressing or extrusion pressure (first to prevail).

Observation of 1 h.

b. For battery, battery module deformation of 30% to nearly 1000 the weight of the battery module or extrusion pressure and the larger values in the values listed in the table below.


Equipped with 1 set of 300 mm thickness of the intermediate bearing plate, in order to cooperate with smaller size batteries extrusion machine,

A set of data acquisition system to collect temperature, electric current and voltage parameters, and can output and record data storage, export to EXCEL format and generate graph;

American kamm, a set of monitoring system, and can be observed in real time on the computer


Installation environment requirements:

1.Ambient temperature: indoor temperature~35℃

2.Environmental humidity:  20%~ 65±5%R.H

3.Big air pressure:  86~106Kpa

4.Around without strong vibration, without direct sunlight or other heat source direct illuminate

5.Installed base for ground, the ground requires clean and smooth.


6.The power supply requirements:  AC380V, 50Hz±2%, t hree-phase five wire system, reliable grounding.


12v 12ah Electromagnetic Servo Valve Control Power Battery Extrusion Test Machine

DC12V/AC24V Electromagnetic Servo Valve Control Battery Testing Machine 12v 12ah



12v 12ah Electromagnetic Servo Valve Control Power Battery Extrusion Test Machine

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